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The hottest topic in mobile: Analytics

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

To any mobile executive it will not come as a surprise that mobile analytics
is quickly developing to be the hottest topic in mobile
  (the rest of the world doesn’t know, because
they don’t care about mobile entertainment – sad, but true).

The absence of mobile-specific traffic analysis means that the mobile
content industry is currently flying blind. This is a huge problem, because publishers can not identify unique
visitors, analyze their traffic, or predict user behavior. This means they are
not able to accurately market to their users, nor attract advertisers who
require precise audience analysis.

As a result, mobile analytics will become the hottest mobile topic in the next 12 months. A
few companies are already in the space. They include: AdMob, Biscotti Mobile, Bango, Amethon Solutions, Mobilytics, TigTags and Wapalizer, Pinch, and Umber.

Peggy Anne Salz from has been
following the space, and recently wrote an amazing article about it, which you
can find here:

Another great article on mobile analytics was written by Bryson Meunier you can find it here.

Watch this space closely, because it will take off like a wildfire.