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How to score the perfect seat on a crowded Acela train

Friday, February 26th, 2010

1.) Turn your otherwise useless Amtrak Guest Rewards into “Single-Day Passes” to ClubAcela. (The 1st class lounge at Penn Station).
2.) Get to the station 20 min before train leaves
3.) Buy a coffee
4.) Go to the ClubAcela with your pass
5.) Get a red cap service. Don’t worry if you don’t have an actual suitcase, they are used to that. The Red Cap will get you down to the track 15min before the rest of the folks can go down
6.) Pick an isle seat in the quite car. You want to pick the isle, because that way folks would have to talk to you and squeeze by you. Most everyone will sit down on empty isle seats first.
7.) Put on your headset and pretend to sleep (People feel bad about waking you up)
8.) If it is really really crowed, you have to pull out the big guns and spill the coffee on the seat next to you, and look disappointed.
9.) Sit back, relax, and stretch out.

Windows 7 (Mobile) a winner?

Friday, February 19th, 2010

Coming back from Barcelona, I was pretty impressed by the new Windows 7. Yes: the handsets look like iPhones, yes: the OS looks like the slightly uglier cousin to Android. However, all the pessimists out there should take a quick look at Microsoft Balance Sheet:

Revenues $58 billion, operating income $20 billion, and cash flow $31 billion.

So my prediction: Decent OS + Good HTC Handsets + Unlimited Capital = new important mobile player

new windows mobile OS

new windows mobile OS

The world’s greatest mobile gadget: thermal imaging cameras

Monday, February 8th, 2010

Who cares about the next HTC Droid – throw one of these bad boys on the poker table when your buddies are over:

thermal-imagine camera

Sears currently has them on sale for $2000, and you can find some a bit cheaper on ebay. Either way “there is certainly no app for that” and they are so freaking cool.


Have your (iPhone) cake and eat it too!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


How to increase iPhone battery life

Monday, February 1st, 2010

Its 5.15pm and you’re already running low on iPhone juice. Here are some immediate tips to get you through the night:

1.) Turn off “location services”. This has a huge impact on your battery life. To disable location services, go to Settings/General/Location Services. Of course maps, and “friends finder” apps will not work anymore. So make sure you’ve got your night figured out beforehand.

2.) Turn off Wi-Fi. If you must browse the web, then using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data networks might actually save energy – but we are assuming you just want your phone to work. So turn it off.

4.) Turn off Bluetooth. Loose that dorky Bluetooth headset, and turn off Bluetooth.

5.) Turn off 3G. This will make it slower to get your boss’s email, but should have an impact on your battery. Settings/Network/General/Enable 3G

These settings will all have a tremendous impact, and are likely to double your standby time. Some more settings (with less of an impact) include: turning off “push mail”, using less applications, adjusting the screen brightness, turning off the EQ (iPod), decreasing the “Auto-Lock” interval (so that your phone’s screen goes off quicker).

In addition, there are two things that will improve your relationship with your battery:

1.) Apple claims that updating to the latest software helps. Not so sure about that, but here is how: Using iTunes connect your iPhone to your computer, then select iPhone in the Source List on the left. In the Summary panel on the right, click “Check for Updates”

2.) For longevity of your phone battery, make sure you charge the battery to 100% and then completely run it down at least 1 a month. Lithium-based batteries like that sort of things. It’s like a night clubbing in the Meatpacking district, so you know what you are made of.