Multi-touch Attribution & Media Mix Modeling to Unify in 2016

Ever since Tune and Adjust started revolutionizing mobile first attribution, I have been fascinated by the concept. It seemed clear that these companies would push up the value chain, and offer “auto pilots” to help advertisers spend their money through the most efficient media outlets.

Today, their existing advertising partners already use their dashboards to make informed decisions about their media mix in mobile. Comprehensive Media mix modeling is just a stone’s throw away.

It will be critical for these companies to start offering desktop, offline, and TV (Apple TV) attribution this year. I think there are in a pole position today, but the larger desktop players are right on their heels.

Seth Demsey, Chief Technology Officer at AOL, puts it perfectly in this article: “Two concepts that will be transformative in 2016 are multi-touch attribution (bottom-up) and media mix modeling (top-down). They’re on a collision course for a single unified model. That’s going to be a megatrend in 2016, and while many are going to claim to do it, few are going to be able to do it accurately.”

Exciting times!


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