How to score the perfect seat on a crowded Acela train

1.) Turn your otherwise useless Amtrak Guest Rewards into “Single-Day Passes” to ClubAcela. (The 1st class lounge at Penn Station).
2.) Get to the station 20 min before train leaves
3.) Buy a coffee
4.) Go to the ClubAcela with your pass
5.) Get a red cap service. Don’t worry if you don’t have an actual suitcase, they are used to that. The Red Cap will get you down to the track 15min before the rest of the folks can go down
6.) Pick an isle seat in the quite car. You want to pick the isle, because that way folks would have to talk to you and squeeze by you. Most everyone will sit down on empty isle seats first.
7.) Put on your headset and pretend to sleep (People feel bad about waking you up)
8.) If it is really really crowed, you have to pull out the big guns and spill the coffee on the seat next to you, and look disappointed.
9.) Sit back, relax, and stretch out.

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