The phone that might save Nokia

Today I had a chance to play with the new Nokia Windows-based smartphone.

This might indeed be the phone that saves the company. Nokia has been building amazing hardware and antenna technology for years. The only reason the world’s largest handset manufacture started to slip behind, was its disastrous software and development platform. The new phone feels amazing, is about the same size as an iPhone, but has a rubber rim. The new Windows OS is different, but intuitive.

nokia lumia 710

At this point success is largely depended on Microsoft. It will be up to them to fill the phone with life, educate consumers, and seamlessly integrate it with home computers. Some of the iPhone’s success clearly rests with the fluent interaction between handset, computer, and cloud. You can easily fill it with emails, music, calendars, and then back everything up in the cloud. The same will be true here, and Nokia will only be able to influence this to some extend.

If Microsoft uses its power to push consumers to this new device, I believe it has the design and software to be a huge success and safe Nokia.  BTW: Nokia stock is at $8.  Time to buy?

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