Crowdfunding your next big idea

Raising money from new crowdfunding sites is very en vogue these days. Crowdfunding refers to raising money from hundreds of people (aka the crowd) vs. raising money from venture capitalists, or friends and fools. Today’s (11/12) Wall Street Journal article by Javier Espinoza “Joining the Crowd” had some fascinating, tangible tips to increases your chances:

1.) Show pitch videos

Campaigns with videos raised 114% more than those without

2.) Send updates

Campaigns that gave one at least very five days raised 218% as much as those that updated less often

3.) Give Links

Campaigns with four or more external links raised 103% more than those with fewer

4.) Offer Perks

Campaigns with $25+ perks raised 35% more than those without

Here are some of the popular crowd sourcing sites for fundraising:

Indiegogo, Rockethub, Peerbackers, Kickstarter 

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