World’s Greatest Web Videos

0.) Julia Engelmann (young German poet) in her groundbreaking poetry slam performance of One Day Baby (Reckoning Text)

1.) Morten Lund talks about his bankruptcy is a must see video for any entrepreneur (no matter if they are on their way down, or on their way up). This video shows that we are all on very thin ice. Morten is an inspiration to everyone. (START the video at around 1:30min).

2.) To me this is the mother of all videos. Where in the world is Matt. Very inspirational in its simplicity.

3.) Playing for change is another great music video that is all about a smaller world.

4.) If you are interested in Augmented Reality, this video might be the best 13 min that you can spend in the next 3 years. Pranav Mistry talked about SixthSense.

5.) Corning Glass has a series of videos that showcase future glass capabilities, which are amazing. Start with this one, but check out their website for a full list.