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Mobile technology has been my life as an entrepreneur, investor, and senior operating executive since 1999.   BA .500

Most recently, I was the EVP Strategy at publicly traded Millennial Media, and part of Michael Barrett’s senior executive team. In this role, I was responsible for Corporate Development, Business Development and Strategic Alliances. In 2014, I led the acquisition of Nexage, a leading mobile RTB exchange, and in 2015 I was part of the deal team that sold Millennial Media to AOL & Verizon.
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In the past, I ran the mobile business unit of Admeld, before we sold the company to Google. At Admeld, I was a member of executive team that conceptualized the world’s first mobile RTB auction. During my time at Google, I managed the mobile aspects of the North American publisher sales organization.

In 2008, I incubated a mobile analytics and media buying dashboard concept at Polaris Ventures. Before the company ever hit the light of day, it was rolled into Smaato Inc. At Smaato I managed the relationships with all third party demand sources.

I entered the mobile industry by co-founding two prominent Boston wireless firms: YellowPepper (sold to Touch Applications) and Everypoint (funded with $14 million by Fairhaven, Venrock, and Prism).

On a personal level, I build and test robots with my younger daughter, analyze and marvel over antique sports cars, and ponder over what might be next for our ecosystem.


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