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  • The world’s greatest mobile gadget: thermal imaging cameras


    Who cares about the next HTC Droid – throw one of these bad boys on the poker table when your buddies are over:

    thermal-imagine camera

    Sears currently has them on sale for $2000, and you can find some a bit cheaper on ebay. Either way “there is certainly no app for that” and they are so freaking cool.


    Have your (iPhone) cake and eat it too!



    How to increase iPhone battery life


    Its 5.15pm and you’re already running low on iPhone juice. Here are some immediate tips to get you through the night:

    1.) Turn off “location services”. This has a huge impact on your battery life. To disable location services, go to Settings/General/Location Services. Of course maps, and “friends finder” apps will not work anymore. So make sure you’ve got your night figured out beforehand.

    2.) Turn off Wi-Fi. If you must browse the web, then using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data networks might actually save energy – but we are assuming you just want your phone to work. So turn it off.

    4.) Turn off Bluetooth. Loose that dorky Bluetooth headset, and turn off Bluetooth.

    5.) Turn off 3G. This will make it slower to get your boss’s email, but should have an impact on your battery. Settings/Network/General/Enable 3G

    These settings will all have a tremendous impact, and are likely to double your standby time. Some more settings (with less of an impact) include: turning off “push mail”, using less applications, adjusting the screen brightness, turning off the EQ (iPod), decreasing the “Auto-Lock” interval (so that your phone’s screen goes off quicker).

    In addition, there are two things that will improve your relationship with your battery:

    1.) Apple claims that updating to the latest software helps. Not so sure about that, but here is how: Using iTunes connect your iPhone to your computer, then select iPhone in the Source List on the left. In the Summary panel on the right, click “Check for Updates”

    2.) For longevity of your phone battery, make sure you charge the battery to 100% and then completely run it down at least 1 a month. Lithium-based batteries like that sort of things. It’s like a night clubbing in the Meatpacking district, so you know what you are made of.

    Online giant buys Bavarian Republic


    Artifacts from the Future

    Press Release
    February 23rd 2032
    Doogle buys Bavarian Republic

    Today Doogle announced the acquisition of the breakaway Republic of Bavaria. The deal is valued at 5 trillion Euros, including a cash component, Doogle stock, and an earn-out bonus for every citizen.

    For the first time in history a private institution acquires a sovereign nation. This takeover also marks the end of a decade-long independence, and period of immense prosperity in Bavaria.

    Everything started when BavNicad AG invented the perpetual battery in late 2015, bringing unprecedented wealth, and foreign investment to the region. Within a few short years Bavaria was named the 15th largest economy in the world. A 2022 referendum, and 6 months conflict, affirmed Bavaria place on the world stage. The region became an independent Republic in 2023.

    The time after the independence saw a tremendous housing boom, the rise of the Bavarian stock exchange, and immense investment in infrastructure, education, and entertainment. Early critics hinted at a housing bubble, and called the Franz Joseph tower (the world’s tallest building) in Munich outrageous.

    In late 2030 things started to go wrong, when a series of explosions caused by faulty batteries killed 150 consumers, including 55 American pre-school students. The public outcry, collapse in demand, and lawsuits that followed sent BavNicad’s stock tumbling. Things got worse when BavNicad announced that it had mismanaged some of its investments, and lost a substantial portion of its cash holdings.

    The company was declared “too big to fail” by the Bavarian government, but it became clear quickly that the government’s own deficit was too high to rescue the BavNicad. “We thoughts everything would always go up, said BavNicad CEO G.W. Rush. “We never expected a downturn”. Desperate, the Bavarians turned to Germany’s government, which – still bitter and alienated- declined to help.

    The results were devastating: BavNicad declared bankruptcy in May, laid off all of its 300,000 employees, and sent the Bavarian economy into freefall.

    According to rumors the Doogle corporate development team approach the Bavarian leadership in the early fall, and preliminary deal was struck in late winter. During her state of the Union Address in March of 2032 the Bavarian’s prime minister announced the Doogle offer to its people, and scheduled a national referendum for April 1st.

    The voter turnout was immense, and with a 60% margin the Doogle buy-out offer was accepted by the Bavarian people.

    The acquisition makes every government and BavNicad employee a Doogle employee, all public offices will be privatized, and the prime minister will become GM Bavaria and report directly to Doogle’s CEO Sergey Brin Jr. Citizens will remain owners of their private homes, but all public assets will become part of Doogle’s balance sheet. Third party companies located on the Bavarian Doogle campus will be allowed to continue operations in a normal fashion. However, taxes will be paid directly to Doogle through partnership agreements.

    Doogle plans to outsource certain public offices such as fire departments, police, mail delivery, public transportation, and road construction,. RFPs are already in the market, with Blackstone and FedEx appearing to have an early lead.

    “Buying Bavaria is a great infrastructure investment, and the logical next step for a company such as ours,” commented Sergey Brin. Its people are well educated and computer literate, its public technology infrastructure is amazing, and the public support has been great”, concluded Mr. Brin.

    Some critics are comparing the acquisition to failed socialist experiments of the 20th century, but most economics are enthusiastic about the prospects.

    It has been reported that a few Bavarian Doogle employees have resigned from their jobs, and left the Doogle campus for neighboring Germany or Austria.

    Google expects mobile display to be material contributor in 2010


    Nikesh Arora, president of global sales for Google, said display advertising had moved from being “nice” to an “essential part of any campaign our advertisers are planning.”

    While mobile (display) is still nascent, Mr. Schmidt said he expected it to be a material contributor in 2010.

    Data Visualization


    My new fascination with Augmented Reality has me surfing a lot of data visualization sites. Visual Complexity is certainly cool, and well worth checking out. It is here, where I found Walter Rafelsberger’s map on Twitter Conversations.

    Walter Rafelsberger

    Walter Rafelsberger

    When art meets data.

    Android and Droid taking off


    According to Admob, Google’s Android platform is exploding at the moment. Admob reports that Android already had 20 percent of the US smartphone traffic, up from 7 percent six months before.

    The Motorola Droid already represented 24 percent of all Android requests in AdMob’s network on Nov. 18, just two weeks after it launched. If that is in fact true, the Droid will save Motorola’s handset unit.

    Google will dominate self-service advertising for mobile text and display ads


    Google’s announcement of the AdMob acquisition was a spectacular day for the mobile marketing industry. Having been in mobile marketing for almost 10 years, I think a $750 million acquisition clearly answers the questions: “When will mobile marketing take off?”

    It’s been a while since we have seen a meaningful acquisition in mobile. EA’s purchase of Jamdat, and Verisign’s acquisition of M-Qube were really the last two game changing moments in mobile.

    Google’s move underlines the importance of mobile in their long term strategy. They own search, they own maps, and now they own mobile display. Many folks in the industry also have high hopes on the next generation of Android devices. If Android takes off, Google would own the entire mobile value chain in certain instances.

    This begs the question: “What are the entrepreneurial opportunities in mobile marketing?”

    I see three fields that have not been fully solved:


    Yes: Google has maps and folks like Yelp have the local content, but who will bring thousands of small local advertisers to the table. Nokia’s Navteq unit might be one of the contenders, or perhaps a hard-core customer acquisition company with feet on the street. Either way, if someone figures out how to bring thousands of location specific advertisers to the table, it will increase the revenue pie.

    Premium Advertising

    Google was already paying decent prices to their (handful of) mobile publishers. Now with Admob’s advertisers on board, they will likely dominate remnant mobile text and mobile display. However, premium, targeted mobile ads are just starting to take off. Players like Quattro Wireless are well positioned to monetize premium inventory. The challenge is that premium advertising is very hands on. Can specialized mobile players excel in an industry dominated by large advertising agencies? TBD


    Over the next few months we will see a surge of new mobile ad-networks coming online. Players like Mojiva will enable hundreds of entrepreneurs (if-Admob-can-do-it-so-can-I-players), and advertising executives to start their own niche ad-network. This means that publisher will be overwhelmed. Who should they work with, who will monetize their inventory… Mediation layers (mobile ad optimization companies) enable publishers to work with multiple networks at the same time. In essence they help to route the traffic to the most appropriate monetization source. Smaato, AdMarvel, and Nexage are the three most prominent players in this segment.

    Let me know what you think the next big mobile marketing opportunities are.

    Augmented Reality will dominate the press in 2010


    Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live view of a physical real-world environment whose elements are merged with-, or augmented by virtual computer-generated imagery. The augmentation is often done in real-time and in context with environmental elements. Pretty much like the red line drawn on your TV during a football game.

    Augmented Reality Application

    Augmented Reality Application

    When executed well, AR technology the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally usable.

    What makes this so cool for a mobile environment is the fact that augmented reality, will further blur the line between what’s real and what’s computer-generated.

    Two companies are currently leading the way in this arena: www.layar.com from the Netherlands, and Austrian Mobilizy with their Wikitude (www.wikitude.org) browser. It comes as now surprise that both companies are led by mobile experts. This is clearly mobile 4.0 stuff. If you have the time, make sure you check out this video:

    Layar Augmented Reality Video

    Play around with both applications on your android phone they will blow your mind away. The applications are endless, and of course fascinating for marketing as well. Today Smaato already delivers 1.2 billion real-time ads to many publishers around the globe every month. Most of these ads are targeted based on carrier and country. In a true AR environment ads could be much more relevant by adding the location and category to the ad request. For example: the ad request could contain a specific location, and the category “travel”. Submitting information like this to a premium ad network such as Quattro or Advertising.com would lead to a significant increase in eCPM prices.

    In general, I believe that AR will be huge game changer in terms of interface design. Yes, it is true that many of these functionalities are already available in other forms, but to me AR is a brilliant interface that visualizes information for consumers in an easy to digest format.

    Explosive growth of the mobile web in Africa


    At Smaato we get a bird’s eye view of the state of the global mobile advertising industry. In addition, we are also able to follow general mobile web impressions in over 200 countries. In the last few months the growth of mobile web users in Africa has been astronomic. The low PC penetration clearly fosters the use of the mobile web, as it is often the only way to connect to the world. It would be great to connect with start-ups that are trying to address the African market, or talk to local entrepreneurs to better understand the opportunities for angle investments, and mobile advertising partnerships.

    New Nokia N900


    Looks like Nokia is getting ready to fight back with the introduction of the new N900. It will have a touch screen, full keyboard, desktop-like functionality, and most of all it will be able to make and receive phone calls (Something that the iPhone is not always capable of). Here is the promotional video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhTtsZATwBQ



    “If I am in total control, I know I am going too slow!” Mario Andretti, Formula 1 racecar driver.

    How big is the mobile publishing industry?


    There are two revenue streams for mobile publishers: advertising and download fees (Lets ignore ringtone subscription schemes and SMS for this discussion). Interpublic’s Magna unit predicts that U.S. advertisers will spend $229 million on mobile media this year; which seems like a realistic number. If mobile ad networks take 40% of this revenue, mobile publishers are left with $137 million.

    As far as download fees go, the only real option at this point is the iTunes store. Apple projects $300 million in revenue this year from the store. Since Apple takes a 30% cut of all revenues, mobile publishers should make around $700 million in 2009.

    Carrier decks, other handset stores, and download portals (getjar, handango etc.) might add another $100 million to the mix.

    That brings the total mobile publishing industry pie to $937 million for 2009.  

    Mobile Analytics Firm Biscotti Mobile now part of Smaato


    Mobile media has been my life as an entrepreneur, investor, and senior operating executive for over ten years, but last year was pretty turbulent – even for my standards.

    I incubated a mobile analytics and media buying dashboard concept at Polaris Ventures with the help of Bob Geiman and Sim Simeonov. Before the company ever hit the light of day, it was rolled into Smaato Inc.

    Smaato is an Aeris Capital funded company with headquarters in Silicon Valley, and an engineering center in Germany. Smaato has a pretty interesting business idea. Many mobile publishers would like to better monetize their ad inventory. Smaato connects publishers and media companies with multiple ad networks across the globe. The company simplifies the complexity of working with multiple ad networks, and increases fill rates by optimizing ad-serving decisions across multiple ad networks.

    Smaato is connected to ad networks across the globe, which allows the company to fill inventory in Europe, North America, Africa, and Asia.

    Publishers like Smaato because they see more revenue. Ad Networks like to work with Smaato because they see more targeted inventory in specific markets or categories. I like Smaato because it is great to see my vision executed by an amazing team of senior high-tech executives. 

    12,000 new mobile start-up companies funded in 2008 (not!)


    GM lost $30.9 billion in 2008. The total of all American Venture Capital (VC) investment in 2008 was only $28.3 billion in 3,808 deals (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

    On average GM burned through $88 million each day of last year. That means that 44 start-up companies could have been funded with $2 million each day. This daily number is around the total number of start-ups funded each year by the entire Boston VC community (496 deals last year).

    It also means that instead of funding the smashing, ground-breaking Buick Lucerne and his brothers and sisters, over 10,000 innovative small start-up companies could have been born in 2008.


    Birth announcment: Kogan (2nd Android phone)


    iPhone and Dash are now proud parents of Kogan.

    After a long an traitorous labor we welcome Kogan to the world.

    2.5-inch touchscreen (320 x 240), 3G networking, full keyboard.


    The parents are anxious to see their little one grow up, and have a better life then they had.

    Check it out here: Kogan



    Hamburg Hafencity

    Hamburg has been planning the revitalization of its harbor for many years already. The cleverly named "Hafencity" (Harbor City) is now one of Europe's largest urban renewal projects. The first phase is pretty much completed, and folks are moving in. Last weekend we walked around the various buildings and I was truly amazed. Living in a conservative city like Boston perhaps even underscored the though-provoking architecture even more. I can highly recommend anyone to check it out. 

    Years it took to reach a market audience of 50 million:



    • Radio:              38 years
    • TV:                   13 years
    • Internet:           4 years
    • iPod:                 3 years
    • Facebook:       2 years

    Skype legend Morten Lund bankrupt


    In case anyone missed Mike Butcher
    post on TechCrunch about Morten Lund here is the link again.
    The video in particular is fabulous (once you get through the disastrous introduction).

    This guy is optimistic despite having lost $10 million and having his house repossessed.

    TechCrunch Video



    More bars in more places


    Our town voted against another cell tower, so I never really had great coverage in my house.
    When ZDNet gave the new Zboost wireless extender an awesome review, I went out and got one.

    It works great. My ATT iPhone went from 0-1 bars to 2-3 bars.

    Great product!

    Check it out at www.wi-ex.com or buy it at Amazon.

    By the way, South Beach also has more bars in more places…

    iPhone Battery


    Many of my friends told me that my beloved T-Mobile Dash did
    not always pick up. Which is true – after almost 3 years in dedicated service
    it became a bit spotty and started randomly rejecting calls. Now I am proud
    owner of a new iPhone, which makes me always available. Except after 5.30pm. That’s
    when the battery is empty.

    The hottest topic in mobile: Analytics


    To any mobile executive it will not come as a surprise that mobile analytics
    is quickly developing to be the hottest topic in mobile
      (the rest of the world doesn’t know, because
    they don’t care about mobile entertainment – sad, but true).

    The absence of mobile-specific traffic analysis means that the mobile
    content industry is currently flying blind. This is a huge problem, because publishers can not identify unique
    visitors, analyze their traffic, or predict user behavior. This means they are
    not able to accurately market to their users, nor attract advertisers who
    require precise audience analysis.

    As a result, mobile analytics will become the hottest mobile topic in the next 12 months. A
    few companies are already in the space. They include: AdMob, Biscotti Mobile, Bango, Amethon Solutions, Mobilytics, TigTags and Wapalizer, Pinch, and Umber.

    Peggy Anne Salz from http://www.msearchgroove.com/ has been
    following the space, and recently wrote an amazing article about it, which you
    can find here:

    Another great article on mobile analytics was written by Bryson Meunier you can find it here.

    Watch this space closely, because it will take off like a wildfire.

    Recap CTIA Spring 2008


    Spring CTIA 2008 was an amazingly energetic event that saw the real participation of many entertainment start-ups, handset manufactures, and even some carriers. Many of the first generation mobile companies have graduated from the mobile entertainment pavilion, and now show some real booth presence. Hopefully this increased spending was kicked off by some real revenues. To me it seemed that this CTIA marketed a true shift from a B2B (infrastructure) conference, to a show that conveys the excitement of an infinitely customizable consumer product.

    Brands, advertisers, and media companies were present and involved. This might be the first sign of involvement beyond experimental budgets. Certainly this would ignite the next wave of innovation.

    To me the most important companies to watch are:

    – Skyfire – New type of mobile browser that truly displays all kind of content

    – Buzzd – Premier mobile, local search service. Provides real-time information for bars, clubs and restaurants on any mobile device. See what’s happening at any venue right now and connect with friends and people in the area. 

    – StarCut  – Brings your media company into the mobile environment, and helps you develop monetization strategies. Best new implementation: zagat.mobi 

    – Greystripe – Free, ad supported games. Huge catalog. Games are circulated through many independent distributors, the company’s own portal, and carriers.

    Combined revenues of all mobile marketing companies around $35 million


    Nielsen just reported that 23% (58 million) of all U.S. mobile subscribers say they’ve been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days, and half (28 million) of those say they responded to a mobile ad in some way.

    If that is in fact true then Nielsen puts the combined revenues of all US mobile marketing companies at roughly a $36 million. 

    60 million eyeballs x CPM of $20 x 12 month = $14 million


    Generous estimated that 1/3 of all clicks were also (and this is a stretch) monetizable through a 20 cents CPC in 12 months = $21 million.

    Total: $35 million

    Yes, yes. The accountants among you will not be happy with my simple calculations, but if you talk to folks over a beer you get to a similar number.



    If you have not seen this yet, check out this video about Google’s Android platform.

    To infinity and beyond:

    The world’s 50 most powerful blogs


    From Prince Harry in Afghanistan to Tom Cruise ranting about
    Scientology and footage from the Burmese uprising, blogging has never
    been bigger.

    Check out this amazing list:




    Hamburg certainly is one of Germany’s most charming cities, but recently I made it out there in Feb.
    Of course it was cold, but on a beautiful Sunday the entire town took the ferry boats to nearby Altona.Winter_in_hamburg 5_min_outside_of_hamburg_2
    It is only about 10 minutes from downtown, but with its little sandy beach (yes), old boats, and small row houses it is absolutely amazing.


    Google turned search advertising into the most profitable media
    business on the web by following the basic principle that advertising
    must create value for consumers. Search advertising is so powerful
    because the ads are relevant and USEFUL.

    The most successful new advertising models will be those that create
    huge value for consumers, not those that manipulate users or violate
    their privacy.

    (by Scott Karp)

    From Publishing 2.0

    The plot thickens:


    A.) Microsoft
    agreed to buy cellphone software maker Danger. Danger, a Palo Alto,
    Calif.-based company, builds Web browsing, messaging, social networking and
    other software for mobile devices. The vast majority of its revenue comes from
    selling its technology to a single client — T-Mobile USA for its Sidekick
    phones. In a Silicon Valley twist, Danger was
    founded by Andy Rubin, who went on to start Android, which Google acquired in

    B.) Mobile
    phone manufacturer Nokia is getting deeper into the advertising business with
    the launch of the Nokia Media Network, which claims to bundle mobile ad
    inventory from over 70 publishers. To assemble its new network, Nokia has lined
    up partnerships with Discovery, Reuters, Hearst, Sprint and others in an effort
    to offer advertisers access to premium inventory across numerous mobile sites,
    said officials.

    Mobile Marketing


    Why are so many players entering the wireless market, when
    the consumer is not yet involved? The answer is the invisible elephant on the
    table: advertising.


    The wireless desktop remains the illusive next generation of
    advisements. Imagine the following: A large cell phone carrier has 40 million
    users. Let’s assume that 50% of them look at their cell phone once a day. 30%
    look at their cell phone 4 times a day. And 20% look at it 10 times a day. As a
    result they have more than 148 million eyeballs per day, and more than 4
    billion eyeballs per month. In comparison, the season finale of American Idol
    receives 30 million viewers. It becomes clear why so many folks are so
    interested in the wireless adverting world. 

    The iPhone


    Yes, it is true that America’s network operators should
    open up their networks, but at the same time it is not impossible to create
    consumer based applications for today’s infrastructure. One reason why wireless
    applications have not gone mainstream yet, is that fact that consumer are not
    at the table yet. More that more than 90% of the North American population has
    regular phones and they exclusively use their phone to do phones calls (voice
    calls). All the hype in the business press about applications, wireless
    entertainment, business applications, and even wireless marketing is confined
    to the business community. As a result there is not real consumer pressure to
    “open up the networks” because consumers just don’t care.


    Enter: the iPhone

    For everyone that has ever played with an iPhone it becomes
    blatantly obvious what they had been missing all these years. Within second
    entertainment, songs, traffic, weather, and headline news are at your
    fingertips. The internet is readily available, and easy to navigation, and
    email message appear magically.


    The iPhone has shown the world what is possible when it
    comes to wireless entertainment, and they created what the industry has been
    trying to achieve (and been talking about) for years. This has woken up the
    giant Google, and they quickly announced a new operating system, and a
    potential Google phone.


    In 2008 the US government is licensing more wireless spectrum to the world through an auction
    process, and many believe that Google has the ambition and deep pockets to win
    the bid. If they do, they will be able revolutionize the way we use mobile
    phone. If they rely on their existing business model, they could give away the
    minutes (data + voice) for free, and charge a minimal amount for the hardware.
    All revenues would come from advertisements to the wireless desktop.

    Within 2 years Google could easily become a very relevant
    player in the market.



    You have got to be kidding me.

    This is the homepage of our beloved portal: Boston.com.

    However, on November 26, 2007 you do not get the regular
    homepage, but you get this:

    a one page advertisement for AT&T. If I want to see AT&T, why not go to their homepage?!

    Renovated 1755 farm house in nothern Germany


    Friends of my family just renovated a 1755 farm house. It truly came to live when the kids got married there a few weeks back!










    Let the media revolution begin!


    On the quest for revolutionary content I connected my Apple TV to my stereo. My stereo to my computer, my computer to my TIVO, my TIVO to my Amazon account, my Amazon account to my credit card. My credit card is also used by my premium ( I get suckered into those) LinkedIn account. My LinkedIn is naturally embedded into my website, from which you can (of course) reach my Facebook account, which is loaded with (you guessed it) my personal blogging service from Typedad, and complemented with my mobile twitter content. My twitter is regularly updated with breaking news (e.g. “I am currently on the train”) from my cell phone, which syncs with my computer. On the way home from work, I use my cell phone to tell my computer to program my TIVO – which by the way totally gets me, and just recommended a 10 year old Seinfeld re-run.


    So on Thursdays I now watch Seinfeld. Well, pretty much like always I guess, but now the rest of the world knows about it. 


    Oh brave new world.

    Where is the media revolution?

    Ali, Andrew, and Sid at Ono in NY



    Meatpacking District NY



    The NY meatpacking district has got to be one of the hippest places in NY. Of course insiders have know about it for years, but for the rest of us now is a great time to go. Tons of amazing restaurants, two amazing hotels, and superb clubs. The scène is like St. Tropez, just replace the ocean breeze with a bit of dead animal smell.

    Fellow Entrepreneurs



    Nabeel Hyatt of Conduit Labs and Matt Hillery (Tetsuda)

    Fall in New England



    Space travel becoming a reality



    Photo comes from our friends at Gizmodo.

    For more check out:


    Soho House NY



    At Blockbuster HD in Dallas












    Punta Cana









    Hamburg Trip



    Lifeblog post


    Wed 2006/06/21 17:08 20060621092
    Wed 2006/06/21 17:08 20060621092

    Brandenburg Gate FiFA Fanmile

    Lifeblog post


    Tue 2006/06/20 20:20 20060620087
    Tue 2006/06/20 20:20 20060620087

    Bugatti Veyron

    Lifeblog post


    Tue 2006/06/20 09:46 20060620081
    Tue 2006/06/20 09:46 20060620081

    WM Berlin with Yahoo

    Lifeblog post


    Wed 2006/04/05 21:46 20060405046
    Wed 2006/04/05 21:46 20060405046

    Wynn Hotel Las Vegas

    Lifeblog post


    Wed 2006/04/05 23:30 20060405050
    Wed 2006/04/05 23:30 20060405050

    View from Everypoint party at CTIA (top of rio hotel)

    Lifeblog post


    Fri 2006/03/17 07:16 20060317035
    Fri 2006/03/17 07:16 20060317035




    Wed 2006/03/08 13:51 20060308032
    Wed 2006/03/08 13:51 20060308032

    …And another trip to sunny California

    Lifeblog post


    Tue 2006/02/14 22:55 20060214031
    Tue 2006/02/14 22:55 20060214031

    Moto party

    Lifeblog post


    Sun 2006/02/12 13:42 20060212021
    Sun 2006/02/12 13:42 20060212021

    3gsm barcelona

    3gsm barcelona


    Sat 2006/02/11 19:07 20060211016
    Sat 2006/02/11 19:07 20060211016

    Vincci hotel

    Lifeblog post


    Sat 04/02/2006 18:20 04022006(002)
    Sat 04/02/2006 18:20 04022006(002)

    Mini theermann

    Lifeblog post


    Thu 15/12/2005 00:40 09-07-05_0452
    Thu 15/12/2005 00:40 09-07-05_0452

    Brave new world of german retail

    Reuters TV


    TV Interview with Matt Cowan from Reuters TV. Reuters_003_1

    Lifeblog post


    Mon 30/01/2006 19:41 30012006(001)
    Mon 30/01/2006 19:41 30012006(001)

    Sunny san francisco for a day!

    Lifeblog post


    Mon 07/02/2005 14:57 yahoo in london
    Mon 07/02/2005 14:57 yahoo in london

    Yahoo meeting at asia de cuba

    Lifeblog post


    Mon 07/02/2005 14:40 01122006(001)
    Mon 07/02/2005 14:40 01122006(001)

    …Yet another time in london.

    sportal.de went live!!!

    Matthias (Yahoo) introduces Evan to Gluehwein





    053005_0621Lunch with Rene Baisch at great restaurant (Rialot) in old warehouse.

    architect gehry in duesseldorf



    Lifeblog post


    Tue 04/01/2005 14:42 04012005(009)
    Tue 04/01/2005 14:42 04012005(009)

    … Another late night

    Phyllis in Budapest


    6:27 PM  Monday, August 23, 2004<br />
    6:27 PM  Monday, August 23, 2004

    Visiting IcoNewMedia in Budaspest



    6:02 PM  Monday, August 08, 2005<br />
our dbs.jpg
    6:02 PM Monday, August 08, 2005
    our dbs.jpg

    Toys are us
    (1968 DBS)

    Evan’s future appartment



    Queen Mary 2 in dry dock in Hamburg



    NY – Accident waiting to happen



    Japan with Phyl



    Japan October



    Horseguards London



    You go jogging in

    at 6am, and you see a couple of roller skaters. In


    you see an entire army of 300 year old looking soldiers.

    Central Park

    East Hotel



    Accidental upgrade to Jasmine Suite at the super hip (but not very business friendly) East Hotel in



    Millennium Wheel



    Family in Germany


    2:32 PM  Thursday, August 26, 2004<br />
corn maze outside of brueggen2.jpg
    2:32 PM  Thursday, August 26, 2004
    corn maze outside of brueggen2.jpg

    Cool Corn Maze with amazing blow up pyramide

    London at Summer Night



    German Potato ATM



    German’s are insane. You can put money into this "truck" and out come potatoes. It has a bit sign on it that says "Potato ATM"

    Boston (Still not done)